'In Deep Water' Flatrock Gallery Press Release

Below is the press release for 'In Deep Water' which will open May 25th at the Flatrocks Gallery in Gloucester, MA. My piece "Trashy Lady No. 2 (Gloucester Edition) will be included in this wonderful show!

"Flatrocks Gallery opens their fifth season May 25th with ‘In Deep Water’ - A group show meant to inspire people to action. With grace, beauty and humor these artists use their gifts to raise consciousness about climate change, sea level rise, and ocean pollution.

Two exciting artists from ‘over the bridge’ anchor the show, both committed to art as activism.

Resa Blatman, from Somerville brings us her commitment to nature in all its power and vulnerability with work that is at once haunting and lovely. Her artistic process is filled with intention; creating layered paintings and installations using a dynamic mixture of materials. In combining paint, assemblage pieces, and intricately laser-cut mylar forms, she affects deep space and pulls the viewer into a visceral world. Blatman “seeks to remind us of the precarious nature of our habitat.” Blatman’s work is complex and beautifully rendered, reminiscent of the allegorical and precise painting of the Dutch masters, and inspired by the Baroque, Romanticism, and Victorian decorative art.

Michelle Lougee is an environmental artist, sculptor, ceramicist, illustrator and teacher from Cambridge. Her work focuses on the delicate balance between nature and human society and technology. The duality of this relationship is explored in both materials and subject matter. Her signature material, post-consumer plastic bags is laboriously transformed into yarn and then crocheted into lifelike interpretations of sea life. The results are playful vibrant sculptures. Their animated details are delightful, yet jarring because of the reference to the dangerous infestation of plastics in our oceans. Lougee states, “In my art, I strive to replicate the animated quality that all living things possess. That is what makes nature beautiful. My job as an environmental artist is to capture that beauty in my work while instilling a message into it.”

The show is supported with a few offerings each from four artists of Cape Ann. Adin Murray, an extraordinary painter from West Gloucester, shares examples of his most recent series “Horizon” . For  Murray,  “The space where the sky and water meet is powerful, profound, and humbling….and speaks to the universal truth of constant change.” These commanding hyperrealist paintings represent in the context of the show that which we revere and take for granted.  Local lawyer, musician, community organizer, multimedia artist Karen Ristuben describes herself as an environmental advocate at the core. She brings to ‘In Deep Water’ a version of her multimedia work created for the Boston Museum of Science’s show -Ocean Stories, a collaboration of artists and ocean scientists working across disciplines to communicate the state of our oceans.  Ristuben’s contribution is both visually compelling and inspirational. During  Mia Cross’ stint as the 2016 Goetemann Artist in Residence she spent her early mornings walking the beaches of Gloucester. There she found “scavenging for objects and repurposing them exciting, especially when the objects have carelessly been tossed and deemed invaluable.“ From the debris emerged a guardian angel of the waters. Cross offers her cleverly created physical manifestation to to bear witness to our throwaway society. To visit Rockport artist Nina Samoiloff’s studio, there is no doubt she is committed to cleaning up our shores. The mounds of flotsam divided up by color, product, or material  are alarming.  By arranging her collection into pleasing mosaics, she documents our excess and disrespect with a quiet grace.

With ‘In Deep Water’ Flatrocks Gallery’s aim is to stimulate discussion and inspire viewers to action, with a collection of thought provoking, inventive, beautiful artworks.  In Deep Water runs May 25- July 2. A reception for the artists will be held Sunday, May 28th 4-6pm.The gallery will host the ocean advocacy group, Tidal Shift’s workshop crafting jellyfish from used plastic. for all ages Sunday, July 25th 3-5pm."